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UInternet Ltd are a Nominet Member and registrar and is therefore bound by the Nominet Registrar Agreement and the Policies and Rules.

You can read these documents on the Nominet web site at:

UK domains

As a Nominet member and tagholder, we can register, renew and administer a .uk domain for you. These will be handled through our own contract with Nominet.

Nominet UK is the registry for .uk internet names and manages the authoritative database of .uk domain name registrations. They are a not-for-profit company and have members instead of shareholders. Nominet is officially recognised as the .uk domain name registry by the internet industry, users and the UK Government. Nominet themselves do not proactively sell domain name registrations, but provide neutral advice on registering and maintaining your name.

Why is this relevant?

If you register a .uk domain with UInternet Ltd, Nominet should send you an official domain ownership document. Other domain extensions, such as .com, .net, .info, or .biz domains do not issue these certificates. This is an important document, and you should keep it safely.

In buying a .uk domain name you understand that you are making a contract with Nominet, rather than ourselves - our charges in acting as your agent are for looking after this domain name for you and providing the services to enable you to use it effectively.  You remain the owner of the domain name and can transfer its management to other agencies at any time.  Your contract is with Nomnet and subject to their Terms and Conditions.

If you want to change the registrant name for your domain, (effectively, its owner) this has to be done directly with Nominet. They charge an admin fee and this can be managed from their website. See

The small print

If you register a domain with us it will belong to you and you will be registered by UInternet Ltd as the owner of your domain name, using information that you pass to us for registration. As a registrar, we are required to ensure that registrants submit complete and accurate data, which then can be queried by other Internet users (typically as a 'whois' query). There is an option for non-company registrants of Nominet .uk domains to opt out from providing their address details for public display, but you will need to request this when ordering a domain - our default is to provide full registrant information.

Unless you request otherwise, UInternet Ltd will be registered as the accounting, technical and billing contact for your domain, as we provide a fully managed service, and we pay Nominet fees on your behalf (assuming you have paid us to carry out this service for you). In the event that our invoice to you for our services has not been paid when a Nominet renewal becomes due (we will provide you at least two month's notice) we reserve the right to 'detag' ourselves from your record - you are then responsible for finding a new registrar to look after you and provide DNS services.

Please note: Nominet make a significant charge for retagging detagged domains and for renewing a domain that payment has lapsed on.

There is no extra charge if you decide to transfer your domain away, and we do not charge for the detagging process outlined above.

We do not charge to make other changes to your registrant information as held by Nominet - for instance the registrant address for your uk domain

Charges for .UK domains

Our basic charges for domain registration as as follows:

Charges for .UK domains
Extension Registration / Renewals Transfers Duration of Registration / Renewal .uk £25 £25 1 year

In addition, we charge for looking after your domain name for you - providing DNS service, making changes to the records to point to your web, ftp and email servers, giving advice and support, and providing access to our redirect server which allows you to set up 'friendly' URLs. These charges vary from £20 to £80 in addition over the 1 year period, however they may also be bundled into our email or web hosting charges.

All prices exclude VAT.

Contacting Us

For domain queries please email or call us on +44 (0)7776 175233.

For escalations or abuse complaints such as phishing scams, spam emails please email or write to us at

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